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Transnational Albatrosses. Meet the Poets.

On Thursday, 09.12. you have the opportunity to watch Njideka Iroh, Zoltán Lesi, Enesi M., Laura M. Pana, Ovid Pop, and Uroš Prah who created*produced creative work during the Transnational Albatrosses online literary workshop and discussions (Nov. 15 – Dec. 5).

The Online Public Reading takes place at 7 pm and is available here:

Njideka Iroh

Njideka Iroh is a Vienna-based writer, artist and curator who utilises spoken word to form a point of departure for multilingual, genre-crossing storytelling. Her work forms conversations around id(entity), gentrification, decolonisation, Afrofuturism, and embodied knowledge. Throughout Europe, she has been working in activist and educational settings in the context of BIPOC and migrant organisations since 2006. This foundation led her to performances and lectures in the UK and USA.

In 2017, Iroh turned her physical focus to Lagos, Nigeria where she spent a few years performing and collaborating with local artists in various creative projects and exhibitions and has since remained connected to art networks in West Africa. Her poems have appeared in several publications and have also been translated into Arabic, Slovenian, German Sign Language and International Sign. A video excerpt of the piece “Speech-Less” is currently on display at the House of Austrian History.

You can connect with Njideka Iroh on:
Instagram: @nj_versifier

Zoltán Lesi

Zoltán Lesi lives and writes in Vienna/Austria and Budapest/Hungary. His diploma thesis was a software that analyzes poems. He published three books of poetry: Daphnis ketskéi (Daphnis’ goat) (FISZ, 2009), Merül (Diving) (JAK-Prae, 2014) and Magasugrás (Prae, 2019) and the children’s book Karton és Matild – A zombimentők (Karton and Matild – The zombiesaver) (Móra Publishing House, 2017).

His last book is also published in German, Slovak. He is also translator and organiser of a literary exchanges between Austrian and Hungarian authors.

Enesi M.

Enesi M. is a musician and transdisciplinary poet, meaning she composes and produces her own instrumentals. Her poems transcend the classic „on paper“ form into songs, objects or visuals. Her words tell you about everyday life, mental health and illness, and inhabiting a black/brown body in a neocolonial matrix.
Enesi M. is of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian descent, and she was brought up in Upper Austria, now living and working in Vienna.

Laura M. Pana

Laura M. Pana is born in Romania and lives and writes in Vienna since 2007. She has been a member of kollektiv sprachwechsel since 2017 where she explores writing in the four languages she speaks: English, Romanian, French, and German. Being in movement across countries and continents in a constant state of being in between has been transformational on many levels and it has greatly influenced her writing and her work in the fields of communication and culture.

Laura is a communication professional engaged in communication for positive action with socially conscious organisations. She is a public speaker, moderator of literary encounters, and podcaster. In 2014, she became a social innovator with Migrationlab, a non-profit organisation she founded, that is active in the fields of migration and culture.
@laurampana on Instagram and Twitter.

Ovid Pop

Ovid Pop is a transnational writer, cultural worker, and theorist who works in the fields of art and literature. He is the author of several multilingual books and articles that deal with the question of language-based literary dominance in Europe. He also participates in long-term collaborations with artists engaged in developing a critical approach to neoliberalism in Eastern Europe.

In 2016, he co-founded kollektiv sprachwechsel, a literary group of second-language writers based in Vienna, with which he organizes public readings, writing workshops, and lectures. His texts have been translated into French, German, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian and English.

Uroš Prah

Uroš Prah is a poet, writer, editor, and translator. He has published three poetry collections in Slovenian: 2012 Čezse polzeči (»Gliding over Themselves« or »itself« or »himself«); 2015 Tišima (one translations attempt was »Phush«) and 2019 Udor (»Landslide«), while he also writes poetry and essays in German and English. Translations of his works have been published in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Romania, Argentina, Slovakia, the USA and the Czech Republic.

He co-founded and edited the Ljubljana based literary magazine IDIOT, was the program director of the International Festival for Developing Literary Practices – Literodrom at the Cankar Hall in Ljubljana, and co-founded the Museum of Madness, Trate, an international interdisciplinary research, art and social centre based in a former institute for the mentally and neurologically ill at castle Cmurek. He is currently based in Vienna (AT).
You can connect with Uroš Prah on:
Instagram: @urprah