• kollektiv sprachwechsel: Literatur in der Zweitsprache
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Bridging the Tongues Festival 2021
Literary Multilingualism across the Viennese communities
August 21 to September 26

We have prepared manifold formats for you to take part in: from readings to lectures, from workshops to discursive-lines, to literary walks and radio programmes. Join us!

Kollektiv Sprachwechsel

kollektiv sprachwechsel: Literatur in der Zweitsprache/Literature in Second Language 

How does our sense of literature alter when the speech borders are transgressed, marked or undermined beyond the first language-utilisation?  

kollektiv sprachwechsel: Literatur in der Zweitsprache*Literature in Second Language focuses on language swapping in the literary production and questions thereby the conventional understanding of language and literature.