• kollektiv sprachwechsel: Literatur in der Zweitsprache
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Online Public Reading. Transnational Albatrosses

Thursday, 09.12.2021
Stream starts at 7 p.m. CET

Following an online Literary Workshop that focused on the innovative effects second language poetry brings about in the adopted language, six poets based in Vienna and beyond who write in more than one languages created*produced poems and performances that draw on these long distance exchanges. 

We invite you to discover their poetic explorations!

Njideka Iroh: A Loving Kindness

Zoltán Lesi: Albatrosses closing

Enesi M.: A Poem in Languages I’m Fluent In

Laura M. Pana: On broken languages. Fragments.

Ovid Pop: Fear of the Dark

Uroš Prah: Languaged

Förderung durch die Stadt Wien Kultur