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Rubia Salgado

Rubia Salgado is adult educator, author and activist working in self-organized contexts. Focus of her activity lies on critical educational and cultural work within the migrant society.

She is co-founder and long-standing member of the self-organization maiz in Linz.

Since 2015 she is project coordinator and educator (Focus basic education with migrants) in the association das kollektiv, focusing on: critical educational, counseling and cultural work by and with migrants.

© Photo: Pat Costa
Facebook: @RubiaSalgado

Discursive Evening

With: Rubia Salgado (Linz, Austria), Douglas Diegues (Brazil), Myriam Ávila (Brazil)
Translation: Odile Kennel (Germany)

Live Special Preview in Brunnenpassage, Vienna
Friday: September 10, 2021
17:00 – 19:00

Festival Digital Premiere streamed on our website
Friday: September 23, 2021

Bridging The Tongues Festival 2021