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Alexandra Pâzgu

Alexandra Pâzgu is born in 1985, Sibiu, Romania is an Romanian and German writing author, dramaturgy theoretician and practitioner interested in structures and concepts that are emerging in intercultural spaces. 

She writes poetical, performative texts about the life in the cities with a focus on post-representational narration, language and sensation. 

She owns since 2018 a PhD in Theatre and Performing Arts in a cotutelle project between Cluj and Giessen and an MA in Dramatic Writing from the Arts University in Tg. Mureş.

She has received several prizes and scholarships for her writing, the lastest of each, 2018 Finalist Hanz Grazer Stipendium, 2019  Exil Literaturpreis, Vienna, 2020 the prize for dramatic writing „Sofia Nădejde” (by and the „Alexandru Mușina” prize for debut in poetry in Romania, „Neustart Kultur Sonderprogrammförderung” by the Literaturfond Germany.   

She lives and writes in German since 2014 in Vienna, and has been part of several collective writing projects organized by the Wiener Wortstaetten. She is a selected author in Fabula Mundi, a member in the European Theater Convention and member of Freie Bühne Wien. Since 2019 she is cofounder of baldanders theaterkollektiv and Kollektiv Weiter in Vienna. In 2021 Alexandra has been rewarded the „Dramatik Stipendium der Stadt Wien” and writes on the topics of work, migration and posthumanism.  

Join Alexandra Pâzgu in conversation with Soheil Zamani
Bridging the Tongues Festival Tandem Reading
September 8, 2021
16:45 – 18:15
Live Special Preview at Brunnenpassage in Vienna
Free Registration:
September 25, 2021
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Bridging The Tongues Festival 2021